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While using your Fitbit products there are some Fitbit health reminders that you should be aware of. Since many of you might be using it 24/7, here are tips and reminders that I feel may be helpful to you.

These guidelines were made by Fitbit’s dermatologists to help keep your Fitbit product safe.

Also, if you have eczema allergies or asthma be careful using Fitbit products as you are more sensitive to irritation. Again, the big factor is skin irritation so make sure that you take this into consideration when using Fitbit products if you start seeing any skin irritation stop using it for a while. Also, if you are a person that sweats really heavy when working out over 2 hours make sure you wash your Fitbit band and wrist.

Fitbit Health Reminders For Elastomer Bands

fitbit health reminders

For elastomer bands, do not use soap of any kind on these bands when cleaning them which can cause skin irritation. You can use soft toothbrushes and soap-free cleansers to clean your Fitbit band. Don’t let dark-colored clothes make contact with light-colored Fitbit bands which can cause color transfer.

You can use soap-free cleansers like:

  • Cetaphil
  • Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • Aquanil

Fitbit Health Reminders For Leather Bands

fitbit health reminders

With these bands, use a gentle lint-free cloth to clean them. Do not use rough cloths. Leather Bands are usually made for regular day-to-day activities and not for workouts. Don’t use these for hard workouts or when you go to bed at night, or naps as it can mess up the band. Keep the band away from the sun, perfume, insect repellent, oil, lotion, denim. Also, the same rule for dark-colored clothes and light-colored bands for elastomer bands applies here.

Fitbit Health Reminders For Metal Bands and Woven Bands

fitbit health reminders

Use gentle lint-free cloths for both of the bands so your band doesn’t get damaged. Clean your band with mild water. For woven bands, you can use soap with water to clean the Fitbit but only a little bit. Keep both of these away from sunlight and be mindful of high weather and rainy conditions.

Wash your Fitbit flyer with water to keep it clean. Take the ear tips and wing components off first. Wash it with a damp wet cloth though. Do not stick it in deep water. Fitbit flyers are water-proof. However, they are only resistant to rain, sweat, and splash effects. It is recommended that you do not dunk the band in deep water.

Fitbit Health Reminders For Fitbit Flex 2 Pendant

Don’t use any medical devices, defibrillator, or pacemakers around Fitbit Flex 2 as the magnet it has can disrupt the regular operation of these devices. Keep it off during sleep and vigorous workouts. Also, if you have these, try to contact the developers of the medical device, defibrillator, and pacemakers to see if these devices could possibly disrupt the functionality of the Fitbit Flex 2 Pendant in any way.

Last FitBit Tips

In closing, make sure to keep these products clean and to wash them ever so often. Be mindful and aware of which Fitbit bands and accessories you are using as each of them have different reactions to contact with certain fabrics, liquids, etc. Read the instructions provided and be aware of what your Fitbit accessories can take.

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