How Do Fitbit Trackers Work?

How does it work exactly?

The three main components of fitbit trackers are :


How Do Fitbit Trackers Work With PurePulse?

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PurePulse is a built-in feature of the fitbit trackers that allows it to track your heart rate throughout. In fact, this neat technology actually came from a tool that hospitals were using to measure a person heart rate called photoplethysmography. Photoplethysmography revolves around utilizing light to track the flow of blood through a small metal sensor that was clipped to the hand. This is how PurePlus works in that it uses built-in light detectors called photo-diodes to see how much light is absorbed and in turn lets you know your heart rate.

With PurePlus, you do not have to worry about what your heart rate is while you are working out, playing sports, or running. PurePlus takes care of this for you. PurePlus will track your fitness levels, your effort during workouts, your breathing rates, and even gives you an overall look at your health when you rest.

Also, it tracks your weight

How Do Fitbit Trackers Work With SmartTrack?

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With SmartTrack you can track your exercises and progress with many types of workouts, sports, and activities. SmartTrack is compatible with many exercises and sports including :

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Aerobic Workouts
  • Elliptical Exercises
  • Riding the Bike
  • Sports
  • Swimming

SmartTrack was first thought of around 2009. Fitbit wanted to find a way for you to actually see how you are doing with your exercises. It is very easy and simple to get on a treadmill which has built-in features to show you how you are doing. But what about other activities? SmartTrack has you covered with those. SmartTrack tracks your progress so that when you go into your Fitbit app, you can see how you have done for the duration of your activities. This again could be walking, running, etc. Smart tracking is done through a 3-axis accelerometer which has the ability to determine what type of sport or workout you are doing based on your body movements alone! SmartTrack then runs an analysis based on your movements until it picks the right activity.

How Do Fitbit Trackers Work With SleepTracking?

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One last feature that Fitbit has integrated is the ability to track your sleep progress during naps and at night to show you how well you sleep.

SleepTracking includes these four features which are :

  • auto sleep tracking/alarm – tracks your sleep as well as gives you a result on how long you slept to improve
  • sleep stages –  to let you know the different kind of sleep stages you were in during the night
  • a sleep schedule – a schedule you can follow toward your sleeping goals
  • sleep insights – gives you advice and tips on getting better sleep

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