Motivation To Exercise And Lose Weight

Do you need motivation to workout? Are you losing motivation? In our current times, it can be very easy to lose it with all that is going on. I want to remind all of you that exercise is extremely good for your health. Physically and mentally! Exercise can lower your stress hormones and make you feel a whole lot better!

Motivation To Exercise And Lose Weight #1: Find Motivation In Others

Fitness inspiration has come in many ways through the likes of Bruce Lee, martial artists, and more! I found my motivation to workout through seeing how others were more fit around me than I was. And so it was that my true workout journey began at the age of 13. There were times that I strayed away from exercise and needed motivation again. I found it again the same way that I had before by pulling on inspiration from people that were in great shape.

Motivation To Exercise And Lose Weight #2: Find Motivation In Negative People

Haters can be a great source of motivation if you did not know. If you are fat or chubby, use their criticism of you to push you into getting into the gym and start shedding that weight. Believe it or not, it does take criticism sometimes to push you into action.

#3: Your Family Tree

If your family line has a recurring issue

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