The Puffy Mattress Review

So why make puffy bed mattress your choice? There are many reasons in which I will go over in this article.

Puffy Bed Mattress Is Great For Any Kind Of Sleeping Position

puffy bed mattress

Puffy bed mattress favors any kind of position you lie down in. This goes for any type of sleeping position! Puffy relieves your body parts of tension no matter what kind of position you are in as well as give you a much more relaxing sleep. In addition, the mattress uses a foamy like substance to do this. These types of foams are comfort layer, dual cloud layers, comfort, and core support layers.

Cooling Cloud Comfort Layer

The cooling cloud comfort layer was made to fit your sleep position in such a way that it relieves you of tension in various areas of your body. It will also regulate your body heat to keep you in such a state that you will be able to sleep peacefully throughout the night without any issues.

Body Adapting Dual Cloud Layer

This is primarily the layer that syncs and aligns right with your body. It also works to loosen you up and reduce pressure just like the cloud comfort layer.

Climate Comfort Foam

This VPF manufactured comfort foam makes is so you do not have frequent temperature changes when sleeping on the mattress. It regulates and is durable against back-and-forth changes in climate.

Firm Core Support Foam

Puff mattress utilizes a Insta-Firm Technology and Firm Support technology that provides for a strong

A FedEx Free Shipping Mattress Delivery Service

Puffy has a free shipping service via FedEx that will have your puffy mattress shipped to you which can be delivered to you within two to five work days. Also, the mattress comes in twin beds, extra large twin beds, full beds, queen-sized beds, king-sized, and California king-sized beds.

Any Surface Can Support The Mattress

Any type of surface is compatible with this particular mattress. Whatever kind of bed you have, Puffy will fit it well.

Puffy 101 Night Sleep Trial

Puffy offers a sleep trial bed that you can try. Also, if you feel it is not suitable, Puffy will help you give the bed away. Puffy does not want to see the mattress thrown away. You will also get a money-back-guarantee!

Hand-Made In The US

This mattress was made right in the US and tested out thoroughly. Puffy was made in such a way to give you the perfect mattress resting experience!

Smear-Proof Covers

Resistant to smears and spills, this bed is made to easily dispose of any stains it could possibly accumulate. You will not have to worry about stains that won’t come out. Regular cleaning and washing of the sheets will help tremendously.

Owning A Puffy Mattress Help Kids In Need

Did you know that if you post a photo of your puffy mattress on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter that you will help a child in need? In fact, every time a puffy mattress bed is posted ten times on social media, a mattress is donated to a homeless place in the world for a kid. This opens up a great opportunity for you to help youth in different areas! Once again, if you do have a puffy mattress and happen to be on social media you can play a major factor in helping homeless youth this way. You must use @puffymattress and @puffydonation as your hashtags.

Puffy Royal Mattress

Puffy’s royal mattress is a much larger bed in size.

Buy Puffy today! Save $300 off of your purchase!

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