What Is Fitbit?

What Is Fitbit Fitness Tracker?

what is fitbit fitness tracker

What is fitbit fitness tracker? Fitbit was first birthed in 2007 by Eric and James who sought to change the way people worked out and how they were active. Since then, their tracker has indeed helped many people improve their fitness goals and enjoy doing it. Fitbit is very popular now more than ever. Even kids can join in on the fun as health and fitness are important for all ages. No matter your gender or age, Fitbit is great for your fitness goals! Fitbit has many brands promoting their products. That is saying something!

Fitbit watches are mainly used for fitness and health. It works like a watch in a way. You wear the band and it monitors your everyday activities. It lets you know how you are doing throughout the day and where you are at as far as your fitness and health. The thing about this is that it can not only be used just for working out, but you can use this for the rest of your day period. Whether you are walking, eating, or exercising, Fitbit can let you know how your heart rate is doing and much much more! This is all done through PurePlus, SmartTrack, and SleepTracking.

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