What Is The Fitbit App and Dashboard?

what is the fitbit app and dashboard
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The fitbit app and dashboard feature gives you extra tools to enhance your experience. There are various kinds of apps that you can use with your Fitbit device that are available.

What Is The Fitbit App and Dashboard Fitbit Coach?

Fitbit app coach is a training app with many exercising videos that will help you get fit and in shape. There is also a video coaching feature that will walk you through these exercises if you need assistance doing them. With Fitbit Premium Coach, you will be able to choose 7-to-60 minutes, listen to a 7-station Fitbit Radio, pick between different types of coaches, higher workout plateaus, and the ability to do fitness whenever you are able!

What is the Fitbit app and Dashboard Fitbit OS?

What is the Fitbit App and Dashboard Fitbit Pay?

The App Tour

The Fitbit App is what will allow you to check your progress and stats straight from your phone! You can download it from the app store, google pay, and windows store.

Anytime Of The Day


No matter what time of the day you are in, Fitbit can help give you the scoop on your stats! I said before on here that Fitbit is not just for your fitness hours. Fitbit is for fitness and regular work. Fitbit is for the night as well as the day. One of the things you will be able to see is your daily activities. Some of the things it will calculate is the number of steps you took that day as well as your bpm, your miles, how many steps you walked up, and what you ran if you did a mile run. For example, if I walked 100 steps, it will display that.


Also, you can manage your sleep and goals in the Fitbit app. Record your sleep from Sunday all the way to Saturday. You may set weekly sleep goals as well as sleep alarms to keep you on track too. You will be able to see how many hours you slept and keep track of that throughout the weeks. After the week is over, it will give you an average of how many hours you have slept a night for that week.

MobileTrack And Multi-Support

MobileTrack allows you to track your day-to-day activities without using your Fitbit tracker. This is done through sensory methods using your smartphone to do so. You can download MobileTrack from the apple app store, google play store, and the Microsoft store.

MobileTrack is able to track your movements through sensors in your smartphone that is sent to the app.


With MobileRun, you will be able to better track your workouts utilizing a GPS system.

Receive Notifications, Share With Others, and Push Yourself

Connecting to the Fitbit app will allow you to receive pop up messages on your progress to motivate you and push you to reach your milestone. Also, you can compete with relatives and people you know well and use that to challenge yourself. When you reach a goal you will earn a badges for your success. Hook up with friends and family to share of your accomplishments, inspirational quotes, and encouragement.

Weight And Nutrition

Having trouble regulating your weight and nutrition. No problem! Fitbit app will help you with your weight through Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and food intake by checking the calories of the food you eat.

Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Your weight, body fat, BMI, mass can all be tracked by the smart scale. Also, it will frequently give you input whenever your weight drops and rises. If you are connected to the Fitbit app it will transfer your data to the app right away! It can hold many users data meaning that more than one person who lives with you can use it. Furthermore, people who are visiting and would like to use it, there data can be recorded too. Everyone’s data is protected though meaning that each of the data recorded of the users who stepped on the scale can only be seen by that particular person. Setting up Aria is very simple and straight-forward. You can use the steps provided in the Fibit app using Bluetooth to get things going. Guidance with losing weight or gaining is also available to you.

Aside from weight, the app allows you to check your water as well as food calorie info. You will be able to manage and measure your calorie intake by the foods you eat to see about nutritional facts.

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